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03.11.2022 09:19
In 1996, he successfully graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology and Management. Then he worked as an economist in the Joint-Stock Financial Corporation “Sistema” (System), “Uniland”. We are primarily interested in the biography of Vladislav Soloviev as a famous political scientist and a historian. <a href=>vladislav soloviev rusal</a> Смотрите по ссылке - He became involved in political science since 2010, graduated the Government University of Management in absentia, Wrote analytical articles and reviews for many Russian and foreign publications (“Novaya gazeta” (New newspaper), “Svobodnaya misl” (Free thought), “Politicheskaya nauka” (Political science), “Rossiya v globalnoy politike” (Russia in global politics), “Polis” (The policy)), as well as online-platforms. Known for his vivid and insightful articles on the topic of the global crisis of public and political life, about which Vladislav Soloviev was writing since 2014. <a href=>RUSSIAN POLITICAL SCIENTIST, HISTORIAN, ECONOMIC EXPERTVLADISLAV SOLOVIEV</a> 17222b9
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